Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Didn't Want To Leave

Today I got to "play mom" (I love playing mom) because my little cousin Tatiana's school had an open house, and my aunt invited me. The coolest part was watching Tatiana navigate the Tube on the way back to their apartment. Homegirl is a natural. Back home, my other cousin Andrey had a friend over to play. So Tatiana and I hung out on our own, until the two boys decided that we were much cooler than their toy trucks, and we all played (and fought) together until it was time for Andrey's friend to go home. Uh oh. He pitched a fit, crying that he didn't want to leave, even after I gave him multiple good-bye hugs. His mom had to haul him out the door. What can I say, I'm immensely popular with the three-year-old set.

We ate dinner, with Andrey and Tatiana climbing all over me. I gave Tatiana her bath, singing "Splish splash I was taking a bath" to keep her entertained. After dinner I taught Tatiana to play Cat's Cradle. I sang "Baby Shark" with Andrey. I started washing the dishes. I lingered shamelessly. Finally I couldn't put it off any longer. I gathered my things and left, giving Andrey one last hug.

There are days when I'd rather be with my roommates than with a swarm of toddlers, and when I'd rather make my own meals than have a mom serve me something home-cooked. Today wasn't one of those days. I miss being surrounded by family, with all that that means- fresh delicious food, laughter, chaos, love. My mom and my sister Cathy are coming to London tomorrow. As Annie would say, "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!" The timing could not be better.

Can't wait for tomorrow, The Book Girl

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