Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two of us Sunday Driving

 Joey and I in front of Marble Arch

This song is the theme of my relationship with my twin sister Lillian. It always has been the Two of Us, and as I tell her, "You and I have memories Longer than the road that stretches out ahead." I was supposed to be with her this weekend, but as it turns out, I substituted Joey for Lillian (they do have a lot in common, both being practical and funny) and still had a wonderful weekend in my own city.

First we took a bus to Mass at the Brompton Oratory.

As we entered the church a woman with a notebook stopped us: "Are you Catholic?"
"Yes..." we answered.
"Do you come here often?"
"Can I interview you for the The Times?"
A lovely Times reporter interviewed us for her article on young Catholics' response to the recent scandals! She took our picture too. We are going to be in The Times!

Then we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum - which, as it turns out, has nothing to do with Victoria or Albert.

They did have cool ceiling artwork.

This statue is my favorite - the artist's wife and son.

After that we went to beautiful Hyde Park for lunch.

We went to Speakers' Corner, where lots of crazies stood on soapboxes and squalled about the problems in the world. If you ask me, people like that are the problem in the world. On the other hand, one awesome guy was giving out Free Hugs, a nice change from the madness.

What the world needs: Less angry vitriol, and more hugs.

After that, we went to Brick Lane, which is pretty hip, hop and happenin'. I felt so out of place in my preppy pink cardigan. Next time I go there, I'll wear a leather jacket, Converse sneakers, and an indifferent air.

But instead, I wore this. We ate dinner at an Indian restaurant (I had chicken tikka masala, mmm) and then we walked home, stopping on the way for the famous Tinseltown milkshakes. Yes I went twice in one weekend. And it was sooo worth it.

How was your weekend?


  1. Post a link to the article when it comes out! :) I'm glad you were interviewed and can represent young Catholics with a sensible voice.

  2. This post fills me with insane jealousy. I WANT TO BE THERE. Or I want you two to be here!