Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little Blessings: Farmers' Market Edition

This morning I was almost out of food, so I made a trip to the local farmers' market. I love that place. I got 6 avocados, 2 lbs. clementines, 2 cases of strawberries, 8 apples and a bottle of salad dressing... all for only 4.50. I was steppin' in high cotton, let me tell you.


I took a shortcut home and stumbled upon a little Catholic church called Holy Redeemer. The sign out front advertised noon Mass on Saturdays. It was exactly 11:59 pm, so of course I stayed. Oh, and guess what the Gospel reading was? The wedding feast at Cana. My favorite.

Thank you for a wonderful Valentine's surprise, Jesus! I loved it.

Kisses, The Book Girl

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