Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Getting Easier

When I first tried to think of reasons I was glad to be single, I struggled to think of a single one. I've always been bad at appreciating the present. I'm someone who thinks the grass is always greener on the other side - which is exactly why I started this project. And somehow it's getting easier every day!

Today I love being single because I got to ask my best friend Sam to my dorm dance on Friday. Choosing a dance date based on 1. how fun he is to hang out with and 2. how good he is at dancing (swing dancing, in fact - the boy's had lessons) is the best! (P.S. If you click through to the link above about Sam, please excuse my HEINOUS hair in that post. I look like a fluffy squirrel. Seriously, what was I thinking posting those pics for all the world to see??)

I also love being single because today I'm meeting a new friend, Ben, for lunch. In the old days, eating lunch with just one guy friend would have made me feel funny, squirmy and guilty, like I wasn't being faithful to my far-away boyfriend or something. (Was I just being too scrupulous?) Lunch dates galore is another reason I like being single.

The final reason I came up with might seem a little silly, but bear with me. Yesterday at Mass, I was trying to pick who to pray for that day (or "offer up my day for," as we Catholics like to say). My dad, my guy friends, my ex-boyfriend, my future husband, all came up for consideration. Finally I decided to declare it "Man Day" and offer it for all of them. Thanks to me being single, now I pray for all the men in my life instead of just one! (Ok that is a really silly reason, isn't it? Because it's not like I couldn't pray for them before). Also I love praying for my future husband. It's so mysterious and exciting. So that's another special benefit of being single.

This project was such a good idea. I'm loving my life and this single season in it more each day.

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