Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

If I were a good blogger, I'd be doing a full-on review of the past year, complete with links to 76 old posts and a photo collage. But I've got a movie to watch with my sisters, this marvelous book to finish and jobs to apply for, so I'll stick to a quick review and discussion of my New Year's resolutions.

2010 was a hugely eventful year. I changed more than I've changed in any other 1-year period that I can recall. I started the year newly single (for the first time since age 16) and wanting nothing more than casual friendships with good guys, which I'm glad to say I found in abundance. I spent the first 4 months of the year in London, where I was separated from my twin Lillian for the first time in our lives. I had to become independent real fast, which was tough at times but ultimately helped me to be more confident and content. As my friend Emma said, I got "sassy" (well as my family will tell you, I've always been sassy. I just started showing it around people at school). I also got to travel to Dublin, Spain, Berlin, Athens and Rome (Easter in Rome, 2 years in a row?? I must be the luckiest girl in the world!) before returning to the good ole U.S. of A.

Then I moved to New York for the summer, where Lillian and I shared a teeny room and I blogged exactly once, because I was so busy being outside and having fun. I interned at a place that I loved, explored glorious New York and had my first real summer romance (this is where I put the *wink wink* in the post and leave you all wondering). I became a regular at The Strand and Central Park. I created traditions with new and beloved friends (Tuesday night cupcakes, Thursday night at Old St. Pat's followed by an Aussie bar- fabulous). New York is non-stop fun if you're young and adventurous, and I returned to school with a store of happy memories and proud achievements.

This past semester was busy, exciting and very fun. I didn't stay on top of my schoolwork (do I ever? For that matter, does anyone?) but I still did well and more importantly, I made wonderful new friends (Dan, Rob and Katherine come to mind), strengthened bonds with old ones (Shannon, Vanessa, Alex, Sam, Ruth, Laura L. and Laura M.... the list could go on and on). I had all kinds of good times and started a few new traditions, like Monday nights at 23, Wednesday evenings at Southold, Thursday Rosary and dinner date with Laura L. followed by movie night at Eddie's, and Tridentine Mass on (some) Sunday mornings. There's nothing I love like a good weekly tradition. :) Now I've got just one semester of college left and I plan to prioritize time with my friends above anything else, because I think friendships are the best thing about being at ND, although of course I'll treasure my very last semester as a full-time student. And hopefully I'll come out of it all with an employed position, eh?

Unlike my darling twin, I do in fact have some New Year's resolutions. Too many to name. I'm considering making a list of the top 12 and adding each one to my year, month by month, so that by the end of the year I'm flawlessly perfect (totally doable, right?). The main one is just to get closer to God, making sure to pray and go to Mass every day. I also want to be more careful with words - no gossiping, imprudence or swearing (not that I swear much at all, but it's good to be careful). The others are details, like being more organized. Some of the best resolutions I've heard came from Clare Ryan and Seraphic Singles (hilarious as always). Have you made any New Year's resolutions?  

My book club is going swimmingly. I'll start posting the book reviews this week. Happy New Year!

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