Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Adventures

I asked 3 more guys to the dance, and as it turns out, all of them are RAs (in different dorms) and were all on duty. Why are all my guy friends RAs?? Finally I got Sam on the case and thanks to his help, I'm now going with his friend Eddie. Evening saved. Then this afternoon, after with great turmoil we had finally figured all that out, I got a text from Joey saying he doesn't have a date yet and needs one. Oh, the irony.

Last night we held one of our legendary PLS movie nights, watching A Beautiful Mind and making our own individual pizzas. After that, I accompanied Sam, Dan and Rob to the local Irish pub Kildare's, the chief virtue of which is that it's only a block away from campus.

Today I went to see The King's Speech with Rob. I was hesitant about the excursion, as we are not close friends, but in spite of the South Bend traffic on the way there I had a really wonderful time. Rob has so many interesting stories about his Middle Eastern travels and his family.

The long-awaited dance is tonight. I have a great idea for how I'm going to do my hair. Pictures should be imminent.

Happy Saturday!

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