Saturday, March 5, 2011

Impromptu Fun: Steaks, Shakes and Jazz Clubs

Yesterday, a random errand turned into a wonderful evening. For my journalism class, I had to go to the Mishawaka police department and ask for a copy of their public records from yesterday. I asked Rob to drive me there, since he has an awesome pick-up truck and is always a good sport about giving rides. Sam got wind of the excursion and decided to come along so that he could get some things from Wal-Mart on our way back.

We were driving home from a successful Wal-Mart venture when I pointed out the Steak 'n' Shake, where I had gone with my family two weeks ago. I had said to my family at the time, "I really need to come here with my friends!" because I love that chain and didn't even know there was one in South Bend. So yesterday I began convincing the guys to stop there for dinner, but I didn't really expect us to stop, since Rob is a big one for schedules and time management and Steak 'n' Shake was not on the day's agenda.

Lo and behold, he pulled into the parking lot. How spontaneous! I made such a big deal out of it that Sam and Rob started making fun of me. "It's just Steak 'n' Shake!" But I reeeeally love eating out (I get that from my mom) so I was excited. And guess what, I had every reason to be. We had a really good time. They were telling old stories from high school and since I know a lot of people from Trivium, I followed along and enjoyed the jokes. That's one of the things I love about my guy friends - they're hilarious and tell awesomely funny stories, without ever being vulgar. It's not always easy to find that combination and I'm really blessed to have friends like that. As you might guess, we had burgers, fries and milkshakes. The waitress made fun of Rob for ordering a plain chocolate shake instead of some fancy combination. We lingered over our food, talking and laughing. You know, being happy. Gosh, do I have fun with those guys.

After dinner we went back to campus, where they were off to watch Bengal Bouts and I went to do homework. Then I got all dressed up and did my hair, because guess what! Rob had made plans for us to go to a jazz club.

There's just something about jazz clubs. When I went to one in London, it was easily one of my happiest nights and best memories there. Last night we went to Trio's, in downtown South Bend. Just Rob, Sam and me. We took the "Midnight Express" bus, us three its only passengers, happily occupying as many seats as we could near the front.

When we got there, we went to the bar to ask about the live band and soon found ourselves bantering with the cheerful bartender as he checked our ID. Sam's an easy target, being from Massachusetts and a Patriots fan. Then we took our cocktails - gin and tonics for the men, an amaretto sour for me - and sat down near the stage. Besides the bartenders, we were the only people there under maybe 40.

One song after another played - some I knew, some I didn't. My favorite song, Fly Me to the Moon, appeared in a different format. Rob took some notes for his jazz class but mostly we did what people do at jazz clubs, which is occasionally talk, occasionally be quiet, and mostly just sit there, you know, being happy.

This time of year is always a little difficult, with the cold weather that refuses to go away and that everybody is sick of by now. Not knowing where I'll be next year makes it even tougher than usual. But evenings like yesterday happen and make the worries abate. I have really good friends and so many blessings. I know that when all is said and done, everything's going to be okay.

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  1. Your evening/ night sounded wonderful!