Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is an ode to my favorite place on campus, pretty much.

Sing, O Muse, of the glory of Waddick's
Its wooden-backed booths and high-stooled back counter
Where I see everyone I've ever known and liked, and some I haven't too.
The line that stretches out its door every morning
As every student on campus (I think) lines up to buy breakfast.
How rare it is to procure a booth, and yet how satisfying when that day comes.
O Waddick's! So much deliciousness in one place.
Long have I loved thy breakfast sandwiches
and thy scones, the chocolate chip kind, not those raisin-y impostors.
Only late have I discovered thy baked potatoes
with cheese and sour cream, a perfect lunch
and the greatness that is thy walking tacos, a fully portable meal.
But today! O today! I discovered thy sweet potatoes
Sprinkled with brown sugar, sweet and delicious, and at least a little bit healthy (maybe?).
Not to mention thy teas, from Darjeeling to Earl Grey,
everything my caffeine-loving heart could desire.
If only, O Waddick's, thou had more seating.

Today's programming brought to you by Tess is Hungry at Work.


  1. Love Waddick's. Love this poem. :) lol, now I need to try one of those sweet potatoes!

  2. Tess! i found your blog! and your are writing that wonderful place where we had breakfast! I approve!

  3. haha thanks guys! This is what happens when I skip lunch and find myself daydreaming at work. Glad you like it! :)