Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Walks

Last night was... lovely.

The play was so clever. It was set in 1930s Cuba, and as some of you may know, I happen to be Cuban. So the songs, scenery, outfits and cultural references reminded me so much of my family. It was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had at the theater, and that's saying something.

We had a great conversation over dinner. I discovered that he is fluent in ancient Greek, and has even translated part of Plato's Republic. Is it silly that I find that enormously attractive? I'm such a nerd!

Today I went to church with Joey, my stalwart Mass buddy these days. He's a champ. We decided to go to noon Mass, which happened to be in Latin... and which didn't get out until 1:45! I know Tridentine Mass (old-school version of Mass) is usually longer than Novus Ordo or "New Order" Mass (which is more modern and usually in English). But such a long service really shocked me. Almost two hours in church? What are we, Mormon? Ha! But the music was exquisite and the experience was beautiful, so it was worth it.

After Mass and lunch, I had an appointment with a lady who wants me to babysit her little girl. My dear friend Ruth introduced me to them. The little girl was adorable! It was so nice to meet them. I'm excited to start babysitting regularly. I miss having little kids in my life.

After the meeting, I stepped outside and pondered what to do next. It was a lovely, sunny, unseasonably warm day. The family lives only about 2 miles from me, and between us lay my favorite part of Arlington. So I decided to walk home.

What a fun walk! I must have passed a dozen cute puppies and two dozen adorable babies in strollers or strapped to their parents. I stopped to pet the puppies and smiled at all the babies. I also ran into two girls I know from events at the CIC, and we had a nice chat on the sidewalk.

I went to Whole Foods and bought some groceries, including a few new boxes of tea. Lillian and Maggie love drinking tea so I'm stocking up for their visit.

Speaking of their visit, I'm happy to learn that our friend Claire is coming down for the March too! We all went to the same high school together and have been close friends for a long time. Three other girl friends I know from college are coming too and probably staying with me. That brings my total count of house guests that weekend up to... 6! My goodness! It will be a full house. I can't wait! And I'm so glad I bought that air mattress!

After buying groceries, I stopped in Crate and Barrel to admire their wares. There were a bunch of dads wandering around holding a baby and looking sort of lost while their wives shopped. So I waved at all the babies and then the dads started smiling too.

Finally I came back home, after making plans to meet up with friends this evening to watch the first episode of Season 2 of Downton Abbey. Have you ever seen Downton Abbey? In full disclosure, I have not - not one single episode! Hopefully I won't be too confused. I hear it's pretty much the best show on TV so I'm looking forward to it.

Happy feast of the Epiphany! I hope that you too are having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I ADORE Downton Abbey!! I bet you'll love it, but a warning: the first season was *brilliant*; the second season was not nearly half as good. DO NOT judge the series by the second season -- the first season is on netflix, I would highly recommend watching it! (if you and Lilly come visit me at Disney we could watch it all together... ;) ). The costumes are still gorgeous tho, and the British accents just make my heart melt. Plus, Sybil and Branson: SWOON.

  2. Downtown Abbey is my new favorite! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I did, I loved it! Emily, thanks for recommending it to me a while back - you inspired me to start watching it. :)