Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who Would Have Thought?

Tonight Frank is meeting me at work and we're walking together to Conservatism on Tap in downtown DC. We walked together to the one in January and the one in December too.

Conservatism on Tap is a monthly event, organized by my lovely friend Cindy. It includes free drinks and delicious appetizers, and most importantly, it features a great speaker. Even before I moved to DC I was looking forward to attending this event each month, and when I first moved here, it was one of the first things I went to.

I wrote about my first time going to Conservatism on Tap back in July. That was the day that I "showed up at the happy hour all hot and red-faced" from biking around DC like a crazy lady.

That was also the day that "I met two guys there who I foresee becoming some of my new best friends in DC." What a funny thing to read now - ironic and oddly prescient. One of those guys, you see, was Frank.

Who would have thought that I would meet my future love that night in July - the one night that I showed up to an event disheveled and tired instead of freshly put together?

When a friend introduced me to the cute dark-haired boy, the one with the teasing smile and the tie that was just a little too tight, I remember I thought he seemed a little cocky. Who would have imagined I would be dating him just six months later?

I never imagined I would meet my love that day, when I felt like a ninny and looked far from my best. Of course, neither of us knew it then.

And who would have imagined that in January, we would leave Conservatism on Tap to go for a long walk in the White House gardens - and he would ask me then if I wanted to date him?

I never would have guessed that Conservatism on Tap would bring us together like it did. But it did, and here we are.

We'll go for another walk tonight after the event, maybe to the White House garden, and talk about what a mystery our love has been. It's a source of wonder to us both and we often give thanks for it. Neither of us  ever saw it coming.

And it's all thanks to Conservatism on Tap.

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