Saturday, February 8, 2014

Someday Dreams: The Craft Room

Whenever my thoughts turn to someday moving out of our little apartment and into a house, there is one dream I have in particular. Ever since I was in high school, I have dreamed of having a whole room in my home dedicated to crafts and creative pursuits. This dream is so vivid in my mind and I've sketched it out so clearly that I don't think I could ever forget a single detail. But you know what a finicky thing the memory can be. Just in case I forget when the time comes, I thought I would write about my craft room here so I remember just what I was dreaming of and can make it happen someday.


I envision a room with tall, floor-to-ceiling windows framed by long, white, sheer curtains. Bright sunlight streams through onto yellow walls. The center of the room has either a big, sturdy work table or a few smaller tables, with room for lots of different projects going on at once.

Each corner of the room will be dedicated to a different medium: knitting, sewing, painting and writing.

The knitting corner will hold yarn and needles.

The sewing corner will have a sewing machine, needles and thread and cloth.

The painting/drawing corner will have a nice supply of oils and canvases, watercolors, drawing pencils, sketchbooks and sturdy paper.

Finally, the writing/correspondence corner will have stamps and envelopes, nice pens, journals and notebooks and lots of good stationery.

I envision white cubbies all around the room, filled with all the craft supplies. On top of them will be general supplies like scissors, pins, and glue. We'll keep some aprons next to the door for wearing during our messier projects.

My children will be welcome to come and work in the craft room as soon as they are old enough to wield scissors, but there will be rules: you have to put back your supplies and you can't leave a mess. We'll try to keep it as orderly as possible.

I picture good music playing—sometimes oldies or country for me, sometimes classical or Irish for Frank. Mostly I envision a really useful room, designed so we can find what we need easily. I'd gladly sacrifice a dining room or second living room for a room like that.

Do you have a "room of your dreams"? What are your favorite plans for your future home?


  1. I love this. Having a crafting room would be a dream for me too. We're actually house shopping right now and what I'm mostly looking out for is a second room downstairs to put my two pianos in. It's not an easy assignment! There was a "piano room" in my parents house and I got spoiled, because I know most families have pianos in the main living room. Anyway, yes for me, it's a room for my two pianos, with bookshelves for my teaching and music books, an red oriental rug on the floor, and beautiful art on the walls.

  2. A crafting room and a library room with a fireplace in it are dreams in my mind as well!