Tuesday, February 11, 2014

6 easy ideas for Valentine's Day breakfast

Last year I successfully pulled off a great Valentine's surprise, but this year we're in the same house so the surprises are a little harder to come by. But that doesn't mean the day still can't be extra special. 

On weekdays Frank and I normally don't get up early enough to make breakfast and eat together, but Valentine's Day calls for some special preparations. I went through Gabrielle's great list of Valentine's foods (huge thanks for the inspiration!) and chose the easiest recipes to save for later. All you need for most of these is a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a little creativity.

So if you (like me) have limited time in the mornings but want to make a special Valentine's Day breakfast, here are some ideas to get you started.

5. Heart-shaped "toad in a hole" (have you heard of toad in a hole? It's a favorite in my family!)

I'm thinking the cinnamon roll hearts, bacon hearts and heart-shaped toad in a hole will go together well, although I'll have to see what Frank is in the mood for. I'm looking forward to this breakfast already!

More fun ideas for Valentine's treats here


  1. Ok, those bacon hearts would be a huge hit with any guy (except vegetarians, I suppose). Talk about a woman's touch on a man's meal!

  2. I've never heard it called "Toad in a hole", we call it "Egg in a basket"! I wish someone would make heart shaped bacon for me! ;)

    1. I've heard that name too. :) My mom got the recipe many years ago from Molly the American Girl's cookbook, where for some reason it was called toad in a hole, so we've always used that rather British name. But most people have never heard of that.

      haha, I would also be very pleased to get some bacon hearts! That's the way to my heart. :P

    2. "Toad in the hole" is most definitely the British/Irish term. I approve :) Also I love the idea of the pancakes with the cut-out heart revealing a ream of blueberries! YUM. Given that I'm single, I might have to make some of these this year, from me, to me!

    3. Ah, that's great! I love anything that gives me a little more British/Irish street cred.

      You should totally do it! I would make them no matter what. You can always share them with your friends or family if you don't feel up to eating all the heart pancakes by yourself. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Of course you did, being named Molly! :) Did you also have the doll? That would have been so fun to have a doll with your same name.