Thursday, March 6, 2014

Frankly My Dear

Courtesy of our parish website, from Catholic Trivia night
About the photo above... Frank and I were thrilled to make the local news with our friends (check out photo #2 if you click through!)

One night when I was bored:
Me: Wanna play a game?
Me: Wanna play Catan?
Me: Wanna play Scrabble?
Me: Wanna play ... tickle Frank?
Frank: Wanna play die?

When the classical radio station announced their next selection:
Frank (with undisguised excitement): Sixteenth century Polish folk song??!
Me: ...
Frank: You had me at sixteenth century!

Every time we pass a McDonald's
Frank: I don't think we've been in that one yet!

Upon leaving a Trader Joe's in an unfamiliar and very hipster neighborhood:
Frank: Oh God! There's so many hipsters!
Me: Is that why you took so long?
Frank: The place was overrun with them... the little pests.

Apropos of nothing: 
Frank: I really do have a luscious mustache.

One time my friend Giedre said, "Frank seems like the kind of guy that, the more women are around, the more he wants to join in the fun." When I reported this to Frank later that night:
Frank (very flattered): Wow. That's like what I would want her to say, but wouldn't expect her to know me well enough to say. How does she know me so well??

After getting an unexpected text from a very straitlaced friend:
Frank: I just got a smiley face in a text from [friend]!
Me: Yeah?
Frank: He's really letting his hair down!

When another team beat us at church trivia night:
Frank (scornfully): Are they even parishioners???

When I complained about feeling different now that I'm pregnant:
Frank: It's not like being pregnant has changed anything.
Frank: Except that you're ... more ... pregnantly-shaped.

He reported that his friends were posting ridiculous music on his Facebook wall:
Me: Is that the reason you're listening to "It's raining men, Hallejulah"?
Frank: What are you talking about?? This is a great song!
five minutes later
Frank: Just kidding.

Sometimes he philosophizes:
Frank: A good weekday homily always remind me of that scene in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" when Robin Hood is dueling with another guy, and he makes three quick slashes and the man's pants fall off.
Me: Really?? In what way?
Frank: They're quick, precise, and to the point.

When he decided to do an Ash Wednesday juice cleanse and I asked what kind:
Frank: I'm doing the frank barber school of whatever-I-want juice cleanse :p

When he went all "lawyer" on me during some silly argument:
Me: Well, I still think you're wrong.
Frank: I think I'm right. And I definitely used more big words than you.

And a bonus one...

One day when we were discussing faith:
Me: You believe in miracles, don't you?
Frank: Well, of course. You said yes to marrying me, didn't you?
Aw. This is why I love him.


  1. Just for the record, when I saw the title of this series the first time around, I knew exactly what it was going to be about (thank you, Grace & Simon) and, consequently, I was laughing before I even read the first scenario.

    These are all so great and now I want to have you both over for dinner. I'm guessing that (sadly) won't happen soon. PS - the bonus quote: hilarious.

  2. These are hilarious, Tess! Thanks for sharing... ;) Haha "Wanna play die?" ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently: perfect imperfections challenge! http://bit.ly/1dlqrYF

    1. So glad it gave you a laugh! Thanks for visiting. :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA, too good. Don't take this the wrong way, but I think your husband and I may be kindred souls ;)

    1. ha! You would definitely NOT be the first one of my friends to say that!

  4. Laughed so hard throughout this post! As a [borderline] hipster, I first resented being referred to as a "pest" but now I rather like it. The term "hipster" is entirely too popular, so this works quite nicely as a unconventional--and therefor, more hipster-like title.

    Pssst... so awesome to find another catan lover! Yeah!

    1. The really ironic part is that Frank claims to be a hipster because he has a beard and likes music before it's cool... although are 16th century Polish folks songs ever cool?! Right after he called the hipsters pests, I said, "I thought you said you were a hipster!!" and he didn't have much of a comeback for that. :P

  5. Hahahaha, I love it! A husband with a great sense of humor is totally the BEST.

  6. Oh gosh, these totally made my night.
    :D :D :D :D
    Also: IS it permissible to eat alligator meat on Fridays during lent? Because the article never answered that question...

    1. Yay! :) Yes, it is, because technically alligator is a fish. Isn't that funny?

  7. I love it. I miss his witty remarks! "I really do have a luscious mustache." I died.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it!! I figure the list is even funnier to people who know him in person. :)