Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The universe might be out to get me

Daylight Savings Time is a real b, isn't she? Frank and I woke up super late on Sunday and had to scramble to find a later Mass at a different parish because we'd slept through the last one at ours. Pros: We checked the other parish off the "Visit at least once" bucket list. Cons: We will definitely only be visiting once... if you know what I mean. Now it's Wednesday and I still feel like I'm suffering from severe jet lag.

I woke up this morning at 9:20. I was supposed to be at work at 9:00. Curses. I scrambled outside only to find my car covered with a generous layer of snow. After spending way more time than I had to spare clearing it off, I backed out in a rush ... only to land right in a nice big snowbank and get stuck. Despite my proven car-shoveling abilities, I did not have the time for this nonsense. Fortunately two of Frank's co-workers were walking past (at least I assumed they were his co-workers because they came out of his office building) and valiantly came to my rescue with shovels. After much pushing, the car was clear and off I went to work.

Here is what campus looked like when I arrived:


"You're lucky you're pretty," I grumbled to the snow, "because I am completely fed up with you."

Someone once told me, "In Chicago, winter lasts from Halloween to St. Patrick's Day." Well, it's less than a week til St. Paddy's, so Chicago better get its act together pronto.

The rest of the day kept going like that. Stupid stuff like how the soap dispenser in the bathroom fell off when I tried to use it. Nothing big, but all these silly little inconveniences that added up to me feeling generally disgruntled.

It's just one of those weeks. You know? Frank has been buried in an avalanche of work and on top of that he is dealing with some really difficult things involving his extended family. I can't go into details, but if you can spare a prayer for him and his family, it would mean a lot to us.

At least we can end this post on a funny note. Last night I took a picture of the stairs down to our (only accessible from the outside) laundry room:

The stairs are buried under a frozen avalanche of ice. This is why we've taken to doing laundry at my parents' house—even though my littlest sister totally judges us with a "You brought laundry again???" every time we do it. To which I say, "Just give it 15 years. You'll understand."


  1. Oh yes, one of those days. But that is a gorgeous picture of the quad! I just had to laugh the other day when I saw a trailer for 'Divergent' and my main thought that the only reason I'd go to see that movie is because the Mansueto library has a cameo :P

    Hopefully you can dig your laundry room out soon! It's never really a big deal to go outside to get to the laundry...except when something like this happens. Reminds me of grad school when my building didn't even have a laundry room and the nearest laundromat was half a mile away...that was an adventurous time! After a few years of living in similar buildings to yours, I have to say that having a washing machine in my apartment is the. best. thing. ever. It feels so luxurious, and never gets old.

    Praying for Frank's family!

    1. I know, I'm so excited for the Mansueto cameo!! I keep telling my co-workers we need to do an office field trip to see it when it comes out.

      Dang, the laundromat story is the next level! So jealous of your in-house washing machine. I had one in Virginia and definitely got soooo spoiled. I'm looking forward to getting one again at our next place.

      Thank you for your prayers!! They mean a lot to us!

  2. Everyone in your building is probably rocking dirty clothes now. Prayers for you all!

    1. haha! I didn't even think of that. Hopefully they also have access to other laundry rooms like we do. :P

      Thank you so much for praying—we're very grateful!

  3. When I drove through Ohio on the way to Jordan's wedding in January, I brought laundry to do at my parents' house. I live 500 miles from my parents. Definitely no judgment here.

    I hope your week gets better!

    1. ha!!! That is awesome! And definitely something I would do.

  4. My recent sneaking suspicion is that Daylight Savings Time was invented to destroy the sanity of pregnant women. My husband's reasoning cannot shake me from this theory. lol.

    Praying for Frank!