Friday, April 25, 2014

Waitin' on a Baby

Do you know the song Waitin' on a woman? I love that song, always have. I feel like that's my life right now. Waiting on a baby—a baby who seems to have inherited its Cuban mother's genetic predisposition for perpetual lateness.

Right now my social life is an ongoing game of what I call "baby roulette." I'm only making plans a day or two in advance, and every response to an invitation ends with, "I'll be there... as long as I'm not in labor!"

I'm trying to make the most of these days, and I have to say, I am having a lot of fun. Working from home allows for a lot of free time since I'm able to get my projects done very quickly. Wednesday afternoon I went shopping with Giedre and Theresa, and we ended up having the greatest time goofing around the mall together.

Attempts to get a self-portrait
My mom thoughtfully got me a mani-pedi for a baby gift, and I cashed that in yesterday. Genius baby gift for sure. I think every full-term pregnant lady deserves one, preferably with massage included.

That evening was supposed to be my monthly Bible study with some girl friends, but almost everyone had to cancel last minute except Giedre and I. We decided to live large and change the plan to a double date with our menfolk at Eataly.

I told her, "I feel like my life is that song Live like you were dying—I'm trying to pack in every last fun thing I can think of before the baby comes!" In this case, "every fun thing" meant gelato and fancy hot chocolate.

I need to come up with some more bucket list items in case Baby decides not to make an appearance this weekend. Milk and cookies at Heritage? Cupcakes at Magnolia? I'd love suggestions!

Also, why do all my bucket list items involve dessert of some kind? I think maybe the end of Lent has something to do with it...


  1. DO IT ALL. Eat all of the desserts, I know I have been. Those were a long, tedious forty days.

    Live large; you live in one of my dream cities!
    Oh, and if you think about it, please eat a caramel cupcake for me. :)


    1. Thanks Becca!! I will seek out a caramel cupcake and raise it in your honor. ;)

  2. I hadn't even read the first sentence of this post, and I had Waitin on a Woman in my head. Great minds, Tess... Great minds. ;)

    1. Yes!!! That's pretty much the best thing I could hear—I was hoping readers would have that reaction. Great minds indeed! :)

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