Friday, July 4, 2014

A few little things

1. // Is anyone going to The Hundred? I signed up as fast as I could after I saw Grace's post about it. It sounds like so much fun! And it'll be my first time visiting Texas—any tips for Dallas in August?

2. // After wanting to do this for months, I finally got around to making a Facebook page for Little House in Chicago! If you'd like to get updates about new posts in your newsfeed, join the party right here.

3. // Blogging. How do you women with kids do it? I mean. Finding the time to pump out a post every few days was a breeze when I had structured workdays and leisurely evenings. But now? I have to carve out time wherever I can find it, which mostly means forgoing sleep these days   .

I'm actually wondering if it might be smarter to come up with a regular schedule of one or two posts a week rather than trying and failing to keep up the daily posting I was doing before the baby came. Do you guys have a preference or any suggestions?

4. // Speaking of finding time for things these days... I've been trying to work on my cleaning/cooking/organizational skills now that Frankie is getting a little older, but I get easily overwhelmed. I recently found out about this app called Motivated Moms that breaks down daily chores, and I'm a tad obsessed. Here's what it looks like on my phone:

Check it out if you're needing a bit more order in your life (especially if you're the kind who likes checking off a to-do list)!

5. // I signed up for a sewing class with one of my friends! I've wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine for years, and this class came along at the perfect time. I'll be honest with you, though, I'm kind of awful at it so far. Here's hoping I get the hang of it soon!

6. // Happy 4th from Frankie and his twin cousin!! Hope you have the best weekend. :)


  1. The Hundred looks like so much fun!! I wish I could go, but I'm already going to Chicago, North Carolina, and Munising in August... Sooooo I'm pretty booked.

    Country Girl's Daybook

  2. Dallas is August? Lots of water, lots of sunscreen, but also bring a sweater because Texans like to refrigerate their buildings.

  3. Hi, Tess. I stumbled upon your blog some way ... can't remember how now ... and have enjoyed it so much, especially the past several months as you and your husband have had your first baby. We are expecting our first within 2.5 weeks (!!!), so your honest posts about new motherhood have been of such interest and consolation for me.

    As to your thoughts in this post about home organization/cleaning, I've been delving into the same quest lately, looking for an efficient, do-able routine that doesn't make me feel like I'm cleaning all. the. time. Or doing it with frustration or resentment. I found that the blog Like Mother, Like Daughter, has some very helpful archived posts on the nuts and bolts of keeping a house. Check its sidebar. There's stuff on housekeeping, laundry, meal planning, etc. None of it's rocket science, but it is practical, common-sense type stuff that I don't think some of us younger women have been taught to do or to frame in our minds properly. The posts there have been very useful in helping me meld my own proclivities and household's needs with the things I was taught by my mother and best practices from someone who's had to clean up after a houseful of kids for years and years. Hope it helps!