Thursday, July 3, 2014

Frankie at 2 months // 2 favorite things

This boy.

I tried to do one of those artsy photo shoots, with the cute outfit and the quilt on the floor, and this is how it turned out. He looks like a tiny, elderly gentleman. A golfer, maybe.

Doing his muscle man pose:

He makes this funny "pursing up his lips" face a million times a day. When he does, I say, "Oh, Frankie, are you trying to give Mama a kiss???" and then I smother him with kisses. He tolerates kisses but doesn't particularly like them.

Happy little elderly gentleman:

His double chin is really getting pronounced. Sometimes I address both of them, as in, "Frankie, do you and your chins want to go to the park?" He had his two-month check-up on Tuesday, and he's is in the 75th percentile for weight. Woot woot. Mama's milk is doing its job.

Oh yeah... about that check-up. He had to get two shots at the appointment, and I was a MESS. I cried more than he did. I had to leave the room while he got the shots so I wouldn't see him in pain, and then as soon as I heard him scream I ran back in bawling my eyes out and apologized to him a million times while cuddling him and crying some more. Regardless of the other pros and cons, I hate vaccines purely for the fact that they cause my baby pain. And they turn me into an emotional wreck for the rest of the day!

Anyway, in honor of Frankie being two months old, here are my two favorite things about him at this age:

1. // Every time he wakes up grumpy from a nap, he stops crying the minute I pick him up. Without fail, no matter how much he was screaming before, he nestles happily into my shoulder and calms right down like everything is alright in his little world. It's the sweetest darn thing, and even though it happens multiple times a day, it makes me pause every time and feel grateful to be his mom.

2. // This one is more subtle but so cool. Years ago, I read that the pupils of people's eyes dilate when looking at something they consider beautiful. I have noticed that whenever Frankie turns from looking at the couch or wall or lamp to look at me, his little pupils dilate. I know that kids always think their mama is beautiful—but how amazing to see that in action, so young! And of course it's awfully flattering. :)


  1. Soooo sweet... Oh my goodness. What a doll. He does look like an elderly gentleman. ;)
    Country Girl's Daybook

  2. He is such a dork! I love him. And all his chins :D