Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A few little things

I'm just going to throw this out there: ladies, if you're interested in working from home after you have kids, consider going into editing. Since I quit my full-time job four months ago, I've received four unsolicited offers of part-time, remote editing jobs. Obviously you have to be pretty darn good at editing (two of the offers were from former employers of mine who know me and like my work), but there's a substantial market for editors, especially with the easiness of doing this kind of work online. Just a thought.

Right now I'm working on a post about the trip we took to New Jersey in October, hopefully getting it up tomorrow, and then I want to post about our fun Thanksgiving weekend celebrating Frank's 25th birthday and decorating for Christmas. I always love getting our tree and Advent wreath up! I was thrilled to find that Home Depot has "candle ring" wreaths that perfectly fit the metal base of our Advent wreath and are small enough to fit nicely on the table. I recommend them if you're still looking for one—I always have a hard time figuring out the Advent wreath (we live in the city so we can't pick our own greenery like a lot of people do) so this was perfect.

Also, I've extended the Old Navy giveaway to Saturday in case anyone still wants to enter!


  1. For freelance editing, do you ask to get paid through paypal or...??? Also, what does a resume/portfolio for editing look like? I'm sorry if these questions are annoying!

    1. Definitely not annoying!! I'm happy to share!

      Two of the editing jobs have paid me through direct deposit, and the other two mail me checks. PayPal would probably work great too!

      As far as a resume, I have a pretty typical resume listing my work experience, education, etc. If the client asks for writing or editing samples, I save published articles in MS Word documents and include them with the resume. I've also simply emailed potential clients links to online writing/editing samples (this works best if you have a lot of articles published online from which to choose).

      I hope this helps, Maria! Best of luck!!

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